INSAIT JOY 4.4.0 is Now Available!

We're delighted to release the v4.4.0 update for the INSAIT JOY app. These enhancements are designed to offer you a more personalized and efficient performance tracking experience.



1. Setting Your Unit Preferences:

INSAIT JOY now supports the customization of speed and distance units. Now you can choose from meters, kilometers, miles or yards for your distance covered, meters and yards for high-speed and sprint distances, and km/h, m/s, mph or yd/s for your top speed. All these unit preferences can be easily customised via "Me" - "Settings", allowing you to foster a more profound understanding of your performance.

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2. Pairing Multiple Accounts to One Sets of Devices:

Multiple user accounts can be associated to one pair of Smart Shin Guards now. This will significantly simplify the process for account creation or switching between different user accounts.

3. History Management:

Any deleted historical data will not contribute to your overall performance stats anymore. This allows you to manage your stats wisely by deleting useless records, in order to have a more precise analysis on your overall performance and trends.

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Ensure regular app updates for continued improvements and fresh features. We welcome your input at for making your experience even better.

ACTIVATE NOW: Search for "INSAIT JOY" in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.