GENGEE Partners with National Youth Super League for Data-Driven Youth Football


National Youth Super League (NYSL) is the top-tier youth football league in China organzied by the Chinese Football Association (CFA). With all 351 teams coming from the academies of professional clubs in the Chinese Super League, League One, and League Two, NYSL represents the highest level of youth football in China and serves as a vital platform for talent selection and identification. The league sets a remarkable record by hosting an impressive 3,000 games in a single season, with top talents from league giants such as Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, Shandong Luneng and Beijing Guoan showcasing their best performances.

National Youth Super League (NYSL) is the top-tier youth football league in China organzied by the Chinese Football Association (CFA)

Recognizing the significance of accurate and comprehensive data in evaluating player performance and team dynamics, NYSL has partnered with GENGEE as the official data service provider in all 3 seasons.

Driven by a passion for changing the youth football landscape in China, GENGEE seeks to empower coaches, scouts and football managements at all levels with objective and data-driven insights provided by the INSAIT KS system.

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By embracing INSAIT KS, coaches gain access to real-time ball tracking, enabling them to make precise tactical adjustments on the fly. The system's player analysis feature provides in-depth insights into comprehensive individual performances including internal load, external load and tactics, shedding light on crucial aspects such as passing performance, player connections, player loads and physical conditions.

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With the use of INSAIT KS in all 3 seasons, GENGEE helps the Chinese Football Association to establish an all-around database with long-term tracking data for the finest youth talents from U13 to U19, thus offering objective insights for talent selection and development. The intricate details and comprehensive analysis enables stakeholders to identify emerging talents, assess team dynamics, and track the progress of young players throughout their journey in NYSL.

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As the National Youth Super League continues to thrive as the premier platform for young footballers in China, GENGEE's partnership and the utilization of INSAIT KS solidify their shared commitment to excellence and the pursuit of footballing greatness.

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