Introducing INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards: Track Your Game Like A Pro

Youth and grassroots football are undergoing a technological revolution, with technologies transforming the way we play, train, and engage with the sport. In the past years, “player tracking technologies” were only the luxuries for elite clubs. And that’s the reason why at GenGee we created INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards, a groundbreaking innovation revolutionizing youth and grassroots football in exciting new ways.

In this article, we invite you to discover some of the extraordinary features and benefits that make INSAIT JOY stand out.

Reimagine Football


The Concept: Football Reimagined

INSAIT JOY Smart Shin Guards seamlessly integrate enhanced processing units and advanced sensor technology with shin guards. And through a mobile application, INSAIT JOY provides players and coaches with 16 core metrics, enabling them to gain a competitive edge by unlocking a deeper understanding of their strength and wearknesses, thus maximising performance like never before.

A concept born in 2018, INSAIT JOY seeks to incorporate player tracking technology with gamifications and incentives, in order to

  • Make advanced wearable technology accessible to everyone;
  • Stimulate and incentivise player development and engagement; and
  • Connect the players and strengthen the existing football communities.

Since the concept being realised into a product 3 years ago, INSAIT JOY has been trusted by thousands of football players, clubs and federations worldwide. Our concept and our cutting-edge technology have garnered recognition from esteemed organizations, earning us a spot as one of the five finalists in the 2022 UEFA Reimagine Football Challenge - an initiative launched by UEFA, KNVB, City Football Group and Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Reimagine Football


Why Smart "Shin Guards"?

Unlike many other football wearable technologies that place trackers in vests, calf sleeves or cleat straps, INSAIT JOY places the trackers in shin guards. A key factor is that with the form of a standard football equipment, INSAIT JOY smart shin guards are designed to make the player (or opponents) feel nothing at all other than a fine pair of shin guards. They protect the user while at the same time measuring performance. The trackers are 100% embedded so that players can enjoy the game while it won’t give them any feeling of foreign objects.

"We thought about many different hardware forms than shin guards at the early stage of development, such as vests, calf sleeves, trackers on cleat straps, knees, or even ankles." David Chen, CEO of Gengee explains. "But in the end, shin guards stand out as the optimal solution, because we don't want the users to feel distracted by some foreign objects, or keep worrying that their trackers may fall off, damaged or hurt themselves or even the opponents during body contacts."

Gengee Smart Shin Guards


App Gamification

We understand that complex statistical reports can be overwhelming and unengaging, especially for youth players and amateurs. That's why our apps seamlessly integrates tracking data with attractive and easily comprehensible concepts. Gamification elements such as FIFA-like player rating cards, level up, leaderboards, achievements and trends add an extra layer of motivation, discipline, and fostering a sense of accomplishment and healthy competition among players. And the best part? No subscription fee is required! GenGee provides a simple and straightforward solution to get an insight of your game. There are no hidden fees. There are no recurring fees.

At GenGee, we are committed to reversing the decline in football participation rates and increasing drop-out rates by inspiring greater engagement in the sport. Our software design captivates players' attention, fueling their passion for the game and creating a community-driven platform that nurtures growth, camaraderie, and long-term commitment.

App gamification


Personalized Shin Guards

Shin guards are an essential element for professional and amateur football players to express themselves. INSAIT JOY trackers are designed to be removable from shin guards. Such a flexibility allows football clubs or even brands to create diversified fan merchandise smart shin guards that feature club-specific styles. Immerse yourself in a fusion of technology and fan engagement that sets our solution apart, offering unrivaled possibilities for clubs and supporters alike.

Additionally, such a flexibility even have the potential to offer personalized shin guards as desired, with numbers, names or even photo of the family printed on the shin guards. Stay tuned, there is more to come in the near future.

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